Someone that knows me very well said about me...

Born and bred in Malaga, at the Mediterranean Sea shore, and now moved to London, having finished his Engineering degree, he became a multimedia artist exploring different fields as accessories design, Graphics designs, etc. After exploring new ways of expression he ended working as a Photographer.
Unlike most beginning Photographers, he didn’t concentrate on black and white forms, but focused on settings and colours. The human body inspires him the most, mainly male bodies and extravagant characters, avoiding conventional models. His models are becoming stronger and much more than just pretty in their striking settings. Throughout his work he twists colours to their limits, transforming the seemingly most absurd picture into an interesting portrait in contrasting yellow and green, shades and lights. His photography is colourful, luscious and bright.
He experiences his photo shoots as true encounters, he doesn’t need assistants to create a confident atmosphere in which the photographer gets close to the model, and pushes him/her to the maximum, as in a game of seduction, …. a seduction to the lens.
As a result of knowing that photography is all about the light, its contrasts and its reflexions, his personal work concentrates on the light and all its different accents. He makes a challenge of each light problem.